Ruby Techne: Dev’s Act EP1

Episode 1: Slow

“Back in the days when people had to run high data volume queries, I wonder how they did it,” Ruby muttered under her breath.

She had been trying to pull data all day and kept getting the query limit timeout error. “Hey, Pascal, do you have a sec?”

“Sure, what’s up?” Pascal said as he rolled his chair over to her side.

Pascal had been one of the senior developers who interviewed her, he had been patient walking her through and making her see the logic behind the algorithm she picked. Ruby had left that interview feeling like she just got a free intro to algorithm class.

So, when he emailed the next day saying, “thank you for sharing your time with us, and the team would love to move on to the next stage.”, she was pleasantly surprised.

Just then Pascal’s chair stops, bringing her back to the present

“I am having limit timeout error pulling the data.” Ruby says as he turns her laptop towards him.

“Hmm, did you ever get to upgrade your machine?”

Just then, they both burst out laughing. When she had picked this laptop with 4GB RAM, Pete from the help desk had said it was temporary until they shipped her machine.

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“Oh, yeah!! Now I see why it’s so slow. Who said 4GB of RAM was fast?”

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