Ruby Techne(Dev’s Act)EP2

Ruby Techne in the Dev’s Act, episode 2: The Spark

Idia, Ruby’s baby sister, was home for the holiday.

“I am home!!!!” Idia announced with a scream.

“Welcome back!” said Ruby.

It was good to see her all happy; It had stressed her trying to figure out her next steps after high school. What major to go with? Just last month, she had asked.

“Ruby, how did you know you wanted to be a data engineer?”

Graduating from high school, Ruby wanted to be Mathematician likes, Archimedes. Theories that define everything around us. One that stuck was the law of buoyancy.

“I started out wanting to be a Mathematician you know,” said Ruby.

“Really!!?” asked Idia as she pulled herself closer to Ruby.

“Yes, my motivation was to solve problems just like the eminent scientist,” she said, smiling.

The time Ruby decided tech was an option was when she took the data analytics class in her first year because she loved statistics. The project had them working with big data workloads, hence using Apache Spark.

“We developed a cool analytical application to help small businesses. How cool is that? Ideas all around us waiting to be explained?” Ruby said.

“Oh, well!!! I can say that was the moment, or should I say the ‘Spark’ I had been looking for?” Ruby continued as she pulled Idia in for a hug.

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