Ruby Techne – Dev’s Act Ep3

Remote Sprint

It’s a 30mins year meeting and Ruby is looking to go for a quick walk before her son, mac arrives. I mean Mac is a sweet boy but can’t seem to get the idea that mummy’s laptop is not for reading out the alphabet.

Just as she logs into the Teams meeting and shares her screen. “Please let me know when you see my screen” smiling to herself she laughs since the pandemic appears this is one of those lines you have to say before starting, just then Java says “oh sorry I was talking on mute” now that is a perfect combo to start of the meeting. 😂😂😂

Sprint planning can be fun, but appears she never can work on her assigned task as something keeps coming up to bump it all. Guess this is what they mean by Agile. I mean, that is one way of looking at it, she thought. Oops!!! As she realizes the Scrum Master was asking for an update. Good thing her camera was off. “Sorry I was talking on mute” is the perfect reusable excuse or lie?

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