Ruby Techne’s Dev Act Ep4


Ruby glances at her phone as she sees a notification come in. It is a reminder that her certification was going to expire in the coming months.

“Why that look?” Sara asked.

She had met Sara at the Techbyte Conference in Lagos. They had remained friends over the last year. So, when she called to say she was going to be in Cairo for the gamers’ conference, she was excited to have someone with whom she could share accommodation.

“It’s a reminder notification for my certification. It is about to expire,” she said as she poured a cup of coffee.

The discount was something she did not want to pass over. She had missed some job opportunities, not having a certification, and the hands-on labs give you some sort of experience in building personal projects.

“Certifications can be tricky,” said Sara

“Yes, but the trick is picking one area that is used in the industry,” Ruby responded.

“So true, and using the experience to build on personal projects that can help boost your job opportunities,” Sara added.

“True, that is a good thing,” Ruby concluded as she picked up her phone and moved the email to her favorite folder to sign up later.

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