The Modern Rules Of Data Festival

After the storm

The Moat is all messy from the rainstorm, the flood washed in a lot of stuff, suffice to say it’s not clean. It is going to take a lot to clean this up in preparation for the final day of the Īgue festival. What if the flood has some valuable information and we just need the right system to handle it all. Do we really need to clean the Moat?

Festival Day

One could sense the tension walking into the 5th floor, the biggest sale day in Benin as it is the last day of the Īgue festival, and the bronze works are sold out but appear available online. Angry customers were one thing but the reviews, how can one overcome that, Sara thought to herself. She could see Ese across the office, he had a nice office with the view overlooking the great Benin Moat, imagine having to see one of the great wonders of the world every day. That might explain why he was always cheerful but today was all different. The biggest festival in the south and Eki commerce appears to be the talk of the town.

Ese walks over to the data team, it appears there must have been an issue with onboarding the Snit. The whole idea of having Snit part of a distributed database system was to avoid data replication on the same node. Just then he makes eye contact with Sara, today was not the day for smiles.

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Gosi and Snit are like two peas in a pod so it only makes sense when they decided to break protocol by not to loop Sara in what the data team was up to. They play a crucial role in Eyes so why was it hard for them to keep it all together. I mean he had said he loved teamwork during the interview and just one “constructive comment”  showed that must have been a lie.

Tech Reference Terms

Moat: Database

Flood: Data

Eyes|Distributed Database System: Cassandra

Sara and Ese: Nodes|Racks

Teamwork: Peer to peer architecture

Gosi(Gossip): A protocol used by Cassandra nodes to ensure data consistency.

Snit(Snitch): Using the gossip protocol, prevents multiple replicas of data on the same node.

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