The Missing Import

A new .py imports her again after getting a “pds not defined” error pd, as they are often called, is originally from the panel in the data world. Mumbling to self “maybe if they called me by my preferred name we won’t have to import me for every file or better still use a requirements.txt”. Just when pandas thought the tail response of DataFrame will be displayed “DataFrame construct not called properly”. Oh well, it is all love at this rate I should have a theme song similar to GhostBusters

“If there’s something strange in your data,
Who are you gonna call? Pandas!
If there’s something weird and it doesn’t look good,
Who are you gonna call? Pandas!”

The companionship with py has been a good one, some might think I am just a package but I am really the spice of the relationship 🙂 The display from jupyter notebook is awesome too. We make such an amazing team and together we can help data lovers everywhere in making the world a better place.

import pandas as pd
df = pd.DataFrame()

New DataFrame is created without error but it is empty even with assigned values, what could be wrong? Finally, a simple DataFrame is created. Thanks to pandas for saving the day!!!!

Working Screenshot

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