Data Party Invitation

Applying for a Big Data role? Thinking what are the possible interview questions? Fear not! Trust me the questions can be pretty straightforward and easy. Yes! there are the coding and design part but then there is never a wrong or right answer.

Most times the hiring manager wants to see your reasoning process. An example could be; “I am a manager leaving the company in a few months and you have been brought in to help redesign the office space, what are the possible questions you would ask me?”.

Now you might be saying what has that got to do with being a data developer? A lot! This takes into account your analytical skills which is an essential part of Big data or any job role at that.

So do you need to be technical to get into data? The shortest answer is No. “How can I get into data?” The most common question I get. It is okay paying to get the right education but if you are patient to study and understand what you need, then you can take advantage of free online resources, drawing up a curriculum that works for you.

However, I will advise looking at reviews from past students and taking advantage of trial opportunities to help you decided if really you like an instructor|course.

I personally started as an Application Support Analyst more about my career projection before starting off in Data Engineering.

At the end, of the there is a path for technical or non-technical STEM and everyone is welcome to the party.


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